5 top tips for writing a job application 

In this article you will learn the top 5 tips fo wrting a standout application for a job!

Job search with resume and job application on computer work table background

by Helen PowerBusiness Development Officer

Are you ready to start looking for a new job opportunity? We have some great tips on making your application stand out.  

1. Take your time

Read through the job description…then read it again. Make sure you understand what the role will entail, and the skills desired in a potential employee. It’s even worth reading up on the company and understanding their values so you can show how you can fit within the organisation’s ethos. Also, make sure to check you spelling and grammar!

2. Keep it relevant  

Though you may want to include all the work experience you have, it is best only to include relevant experiences. A lengthy, generic application can get lost in the pile, while a shorter, tailored one will be sure to stand out. Why not highlight all the keywords in the job description so you can ensure you have covered them in your application. This shows you have taken the time to read the job description thoroughly and are therefore passionate about applying for the position.

3. Sell yourself 

Work through the job description and person specification and match your skills to what is required. Consider including work placed examples of similar situations you have experienced as this is a great way to demonstrate your abilities. Your application is a chance to show the organisation how your skills and personality traits make you an ideal candidate for the role. 

4. Stick to the specifications 

If the application asks for a certain amount of information make sure you stick to what is needed. Your point may be lost in an overly extensive answer, where as its difficult to sell yourself with a sentence. If you can submit a CV make sure you tailor it slightly to the role, and if an application form is required fill it out – don’t send your CV as it may not be looked at. Lots of the information on your CV will be transferable to the application. 

5. Include a cover letter 

A cover letter is your opportunity to speak to your next potential employer outside of the restraints of the application. Make sure you personalise it for each application as this can really help you stand out, demonstrating that you understand the organisation and the role.  

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